Monday, August 2, 2010

Belkin Routers Setup - Cable ISP

This is applicable only if your internet service is a cable company (eg: Comcast , Time Warner (Includes Road Runner ) , Suddenlink , Charter , Cox etc.)

Connect Modem to Yellow slot
Step 1:Connect the yellow slot in the router to the modem

Step 2:Connect your main computer to the grey slot in the router
Step 3:Open Router Setup By Typing   on the address bar of internet explorer
Step 4:On the left side under Internet Wan click "MAC Address"
Step 5:Leave the password blank and click submit
Step 6:Click on clone and click apply changes
Step 7:Make sure the internet status is connected ,On the top right handside

If it is connected then you have internet access with the wired connection


Step 1:On the left side under wireless click Wi - Fi Protected setup or WPS
Step 2 :Disable it and click apply changes
Step 3:On the left side under wireless click Security
Step 4:Select the security mode as 64 bit wep (it works the best with belkin)
Step 5:On the key one type a 10 digit number (make sure that you are not adding a passphrase )
Step 6:Click apply changes
Step 7:On the left under wireless click Channel and SSiD
Step 8:Change the SSiD to the name that you want to give to your wireless network (No spaces are allowed)
Step 9:Change the wireless channel to 6
Step 10:Turn off 802.11e Wmm QoS
Step 11:Click apply changes
Step 12:Unplug the power cord on the router 
Step 13:Restart your wireless computer
Step 14:Plug the power cord back to the belkin
Step 15: Now connect to your wireless network